Grant Review and Evaluation  

Resource: Critique Sheet that the facilitator will post


Evaluate the grant proposal that will be posted in the Course Materials section by the facilitator.

Write a one- to two-paragraph explanation of assessment in which you justify your commenrts and provide supporting evidence from the evaluated grant. (Complete the Critique Sheet AND provide an explanation).

Critique Sheet

**Place a “Y” for “Yes” or an “N” for “No” in the blank to tell whether each of these elements is present in the sample proposal. In the comment section at the end, write a paragraph or two with an explanation of your assessment of the proposal in its entirety.

Credibility Component

___Establishes credibility of agency as a good investment

___Establishes role of contact person

___Establishes qualifications of agency and staff in areas of activities for which funds are requested

Need Component

___States a problem of reasonable dimension

___Supports a client need with relevant data

___Establishes the project/program’s current need for funds

Objectives Component

___Describes measurable outcomes to be achieved

___Appears feasible in light of agency resources

___Is achievable within time frame of grant

Methods Component

___Describes how objectives will be achieved

___Includes staffing, timelines, and client selection

___Appears cost-effective

Evaluation Component

___Tells process for evaluating accomplishment of objectives

___Tells process for evaluating and modifying methods

___Tells who will be doing the evaluation

___Tells how data will be gathered, analyzed, and reported

Future Funding Component

___Tells plan for solvency after grant

___Seems probable work will continue beyond grant period

Budget Component

___Is complete and accurate

___Seems sufficient to cover cost of methods and achieve objectives

___Indicates how our funds will be used

___Provides information on other sources of income

___Will be balanced with addition of our grant

Individual Response:

I support funding: ______ fully ______ partially _____not at all _____not sure


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