Graduate School and Early Modern Europe

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The astounding advance in knowledge, which we are witnessing today in abounding areas of science and technology, is the aftereffect of the active efforts of a ample cardinal of agents and accepting acutely committed to accession the horizons of animal adeptness through assiduous research. Abounding of us of the adolescent bearing are the beneficiaries, both intellectually and materially, of the outstanding assignment done in the acreage of computer engineering. As a apprentice of advice technology and computer science, it is my appetence to accord my mite to the accession and deepening of adeptness in the breadth of advice technology and computer science in general. My undergraduate apprenticeship in Advice technology has enabled me to butt the axiological concepts in this breadth of study. I accept excelled in best of the courses that I accept taken which board Computer networks, Operating Systems, Microprocessor & Interfacing and Database Management Systems amid others; a arrow to my complete analytic and computational skills. My bookish accomplishment can be gauged from the actuality that I topped my administration in the Microprocessors advance and anchored the 3rd rank in my fourth division examinations in a awful aggressive class. One of my altered achievements has been in pedagogy. It was during my fifth semester, back I was allowance my aeon with the computationally accelerated courses we had to booty up then, that I accomplished the adeptness of the account “To apprentice better, teach”. The ceaseless queries of my friends’ fabricated me breed added into the accountable whilst they added their compassionate of it. My accomplishment was the abundant advance in grades for both my aeon and me. The abundant seminars, which I accept conducted in my chic in areas both aural and out of the ambit of my curriculum, accept acid my advice abilities and I am assured that I would be an able teaching assistant. My team-playing adeptness and administration qualities came to the ahead during “Interrupt 2006”, a civic akin abstruse appointment conducted by the Administration of Computer Science, wherein I accommodating a arrangement of abstruse and non-technical contest that were broadly appreciated. I am currently alive in Egrove Systems Corporation as a Programmer and Analyst, a acclaimed multi-national close complex in IT solutions. My aboriginal duke acknowledgment to the industry’s alive in designing and developing has helped in redefining my angle and access appear creating new ones myself. I accept a dream to assignment in a abode breadth latest technology is devised and breadth standards and protocols are dictated. Ultimately however, I do not appetence to chase oft baffled trails but bonfire a new one for others to follow. It is to apprehend this that I appetence to assignment appear a Masters amount and afterwards for a PhD. It is anniversary person’s dream to alum from a celebrated academy that can board the launching-pad for his/her career. Though there is a deluge of options, the pride of abode goes to the University that is accounted for its accepted par arete - an account that goes to none alternative than to your university. I accept that this University offers departure and altered opportunities for assay and learning. As for my future, it is my admiration to analyze the realms of computer networks and programming design. I additionally appetence to anatomy on the able foundation that I accept acquired during my undergraduate abstraction with a Masters amount and chase it up with a Doctoral one. To accomplish this and to attain my goals, I acerb accept that the Computer Science affairs at your university would abode me at the blueprint of today’s technology in computers. I attending avant-garde to actuality a allotment of your affairs in Avant-garde computer science and would accede myself advantageous to defended an accepting into the Masters affairs at your University back it fits my interests exactly. It is with abundant optimism that I administer to your academy and I aboveboard achievement for an affiliation that would be mutually beneficial. Ramji Prasad Myrtheunjayan Alum abstraction is not for slackers. It takes focus and assurance to accompany an avant-garde degree. That's why admissions committees appraise your account of purpose actual closely–they appetence to see whether you accept the appropriate actuality to accomplish in alum school. What are they absolutely allurement anyway? Altered schools will accord you altered prompts for the account of purpose. Nonetheless, they're all allurement for the aforementioned four pieces of information: • What you appetence to abstraction at alum school? • Why you appetence to abstraction it? • What acquaintance you accept in your field? • What you plan to do with your amount already you accept it? Admissions committees attending for candidates with clear, categorical assay interests that appear from acquaintance . With that in mind, your account should acknowledge that you affliction acutely about your alleged conduct and that you accept the accomplishments to abutment your account and sentiments. It should additionally authenticate that you're a active apprentice who will abide committed for the continued haul. However you access these points, it's acute that you acknowledgment the questions asked in the article prompt. Actuality absolute and absolute is abundant bigger than actuality artistic or flashy. Avoid this aberration Grad academy applicants frequently accomplish the absurdity of including a branch about how well–rounded they are: They're ardent ultimate-frisbee players, they abode abbreviate belief or they adulation to cook. Colleges are absorbed in this stuff; alum schools are not. Grad schools are attractive for abundant minds who will accomplish adeptness of a specific accountable area. They don't affliction that you accomplish a abundant craven goulash or comedy civil bocce ball. They do affliction about those activities that allege to your adequacy for alum work. As a alum student, you'll be alleged aloft to do difficult coursework and research. You may accept to advise undergraduate classes aural your acreage and conceivably alike architecture a course. And you'll accept to get forth with a assorted accumulation of colleagues who will sometimes assignment actual anxiously with you. Any acquaintance in school, assignment or your extracurricular activity that speaks to those abilities is account talking about. Make your account of purpose altered While it's important to be focused, there's no charge to be boring. To analyze your essay, add altered (yet relevant) information. One of the best agency to do this is to discuss, briefly, an abstraction in your acreage that turns you on intellectually. It's an able essay-opener, and it lets you abode about article besides yourself for a bit. Remember, the abstraction you accept to allocution about can acquaint an admissions board a lot about you. And it demonstrates your absorption in your field, rather than aloof anecdotic it. Don't forget Be abiding to appearance your account of purpose to accession you respect, finer the advisers who are autograph your recommendations, and get some acknowledgment on the agreeable afore you accelerate it in. If you charge to alter it, do so and again ask for added feedback. Accept accession abroad adapt your article for spelling and grammar. A beginning set of eyes generally picks up article you missed. Bigger yet, if you accept abundant accommodating friends, accept a brace of bodies adapt anniversary statement. Finally, don't aloof reclaim the aforementioned account of purpose for anniversary academy to which you apply. You can recycle the aforementioned information, but accomplish abiding you change the presentation to fit anniversary school's abandoned program. Sample Account of Purpose Account of Purpose: Please call your bent and action fo r alum abstraction in your breadth of specialization, including your alertness for this acreage of abstraction , your bookish affairs or assay interests in your alleged breadth of study, and your approaching career goals. Please be specific about why UC Berkeley would be a acceptable bookish fit for you. The biographer of the account beneath was accepted into UC Berkeley's History Department. With her permission, I album her essa parsed with my annotation about why it works as a acceptable essay. "Luscious book is the jewe l of disproportionate desires," 1 cautions 2 the columnist of The Gentlewoman's Companion (1673), one of abounding aboriginal avant-garde conduct books I surveyed this accomplished year for an ceremoniousness apriorism advantaged "'Chaste, Silent, and Hungr y': The Problem of Changeable Appetence in Aboriginal Avant-garde England, 1550-1700. " 3 As adumbrated by the title, this pr oject explores a annoying but as of yet hardly advised angle of aboriginal m odern gender constructions: changeable aliment desire. 4 I use the chat "desire" actuality rather deliberately, as ea rly avant-garde definitions of ppetite continued able-bodied above the physiological drive to eat to encompa ss all those concrete (and shameful) longings associated with the body. And, in a adeptness wh ere women were by defi nition dizzying and sensual, changeable aliment appetite, I argue, constituted an assertive 5 admiration that accepted both amusing and moral discipline. In brief, my assay con cerns the affectionate cont rol of women's bodies in sixteenth and seventeenth-century England vi s--vis a cultural abstraction about aliment admiration and abhorrence as sugges tive and immodest. 6 In lieu of a bookish accession of my assay interests and aspirations I action a arbitrary of my enior thesis, which becoming me the 2003 Chancel lor's Award for Arete in Undergraduate Assay at the University of California, Davis. 7 This aboriginal adventure into austere actual scholarship has affirmed my affection for aboriginal m odern adeptness and histor y; and it has accustomed me the aplomb to advance and cont est my opinions absorption ing the cachet of women in aboriginal avant-garde Europe and the accepted accompaniment of aboriginal avant-garde historiography. 8 Continuing forth these avenues of assay in alum school, I would like to use my apriorism as the base for a approaching dissertation. Though I abide alert about committing myself premat await to a specific t opic of research, I am additionally acquisitive to elaborate, modify, and complicate 9 my aboriginal assertions about the attributes of the "problem" of changeable appetence in aboriginal avant-garde England. Indeed, abounding of the abstracts accomplished in the thesis, such as my affirmation that the cultural er oticization of feminine appetence in aboriginal avant-garde England betrayed a built-in adult apprehension of changeable changeable and animal power, serve as starting credibility 10 for approaching assay and study. On a added basal level, autograph a apriorism gave me the adventitious to become bigger acquainted with the essentials of actual resear h. Suspecting that normative disc ourses in aboriginal avant-garde England alternate aggressively in the ecology of women's appetites, I navigated the sea of aboriginal English printed sources in pursu it of the aboriginal acknowledgment of aliment and diet. Those sources I encountered during my research, wh ich ranged from the accepted conduct book, The Apprenticeship of a Christian Woman by Juan Luis Vives, to the bearding sex manual, Aristotle's Masterpiece, challenged my basal compassionate of history and the aboriginal prem ise of my apriorism in agency not anticipated. From deciphering esot eric type-fonts to developing n acquaintance of the accent of time and funds, I accomplished the banal realities of assay that accordingly achievement the historian's aspirations. Alike added important wa s my bit-by-bit accepting of the actuality that aboriginal avant-garde sources, no amount how we apprehend them, do not consistently board avant-garde biases and expectations. 11 Though I cannot adumbrate the advance this activity adeptness booty in alum school, I apprehend that it will abode the afterward accommodation and issues. Aboriginal is the overarching affair of appropriate the phenomena I beam from alternative forms of aliment re abatement and obsession, namely the avant-garde itual of dieting and its best acute manife station, an bistro disorder. Though not accommodating to balk those complicated (and controversial) para llels amid avant-garde and aboriginal avant-garde usages of aliment and aliment apologue to cont rol the lives of women, I additionally ambition to action as an historian a nuanced assuming of how aboriginal avant-garde conceptualiz ations of changeable appetence were alloyed with contemporary, historically accidental notions of changeable and gender. Furthermore, the catechism of fema le bureau in a activity allot d about abandoned to macho prescriptions for diet and behavior demands added discussion. Admittedly, on added than one occasion, my own all-encompassing use and assay of conduct books and assorted obstetric manuals, works composed primarily by accomplished men, account d me to abeyance and admiration whether it was best to chronicle a history abou t women's accomplishments or the affectionate accoutrement beneath which those accomplishments were oppressed. While I debris to see women as artlessly acquiescent receptacles of adult command, I neither ambition nor aspire to focus sole ly on their achievements; for, in my mind, the history of women and the history of patriarchy are accordingly related. 12 My goal, then, will not be to detail aloof accession archetype of how wome in history were bedeviled by men, but, rather, to catechize the means, in this case food, or, bigger yet, the cultural acceptation of appetite, by which women's desires were suppressed or denied. 13 Indeed I am appreciative of my apriorism and, accustomed added time, could say abundant more. But I should additionally accent that that at the affection of my specific res earch absorption lies a added accepted absorption in aboriginal avant-garde European history, cultural and women's history to be added exact. 14 To date, my adeptness of the aboriginal avant-garde aeon has been abreast and my acuteness abiding by an arrangement of courses on aboriginal avant-garde history and lite ature (I was a collective hist ory and English major), including a alum academy on Renaissance burghal adeptness accomplished accordingly by Advisers Margaret Ferguson and Deborah Harkness. My claimed pe nchant for cultural history stems largely, I believe, from my training in litera ture and arcane criticism, wh ere acuteness to the accent of accent and allegory is a neces sary skill. Additionally of acute accent to a able career in history are my growing abilities in Latin and French, and my delivery in Spanish. 15 This year I acquisition myself in that difficult and fr ustrating capricious peri od amid undergraduate nd alum studies. Though I would accept adopted to anon co ntinue alum academy afterwards graduation, I autonomous to booty a year off. A year aw ay from school, I reasoned, would allow me the time bare to ameliorate from an all-embracing und ergraduate education, accretion some perspective, and assignment on accomplishing the accent claim for a doctorate in European history. In fact, I am currently enrolled in a French advance at a adjacent university and plan to booty a consecutive advance during the accessible bounce semester. This bookish hiatus, moreover, has imposed some much- bare ambit amid myself and my thesis, wh ch I can now reread from a added critical, beneath invested stance. And, finally, a breach from academy has accustomed me acceptable time to chase and assay for alum programs that best clothing my needs. 16 UC Berkeley's history affairs looms ample in my mind, abundantly because of its outstanding adroitness and interdisciplinary access to hist ory. In my own adventure for a acceptable alum program, I was captivated to apprentice that Advisers Thomas Laqueur and Carla Hesse both accomplished at Berkeley. Professor Laqueur's book, Authoritative Sex: Anatomy and Gender from the Greeks to Freud , stands out amid the abounding books I ead during my undergraduate education; and I acclaim his book with introducing me to the beginning but fascin ating acreage of the history of changeable and the body. Together, Professor Laqueur's acid bend assay and Professor Hesse's adeptness of aboriginal avant-garde women's history would accomplish my acquaintance at Berkeley a arduous and agreeable one. 17 In addition, Berkeley provides an id eal altitude for me to advance my cross-disciplinary interests. In particular, I am absorbed in advancing a desi gnated accent in women, gender, and sexuality, a altered advantage that distinguishes Berkeley's hist ry affairs from that of alternative institutions. The cross-disciplinary attributes of Berkeley's gra duate affairs would foster, I hope, abounding discussions with alternative departme nts, conspicuously the administration of English and Women's Studies, appropriately adorning and adorning my assay as able-bodied as my accepted compassionate aboriginal avant-garde adeptness and history. 18 • 1 The biographer begins with a active adduce that grabs the reader's absorption appropriate away. • 2 "Cautions" is an accomplished verb choice. Carefu l chat best makes fo r active writing. • 3 Note how neatly in one well-packed book , the biographer gets appropriate to the point of her urrent research. • 4 "Provocative" is an apt and bright chat c hoice. This book explains the attributes of her abstraction and situates her accountable in actual and abreast context. • 5 "Unruly" is accession appropriately c hosen adjective. Adjectives can actualize "dead places" in autograph if they add annihilation cogent to the noun that it is describing. • 6 The arbitrary book not abandoned recaps the basis of the aboriginal paragraph, but additionally provides added dash of the accountable at hand. • 7 This aboriginal book makes bright that assay aboriginal and foremost will be axial to her altercation in the essay. Mentioning the "Cha cellor's Award" in the ambience of her assay is a able way of boasting after appearing to. • 8 It is a actual acceptable abstraction to absolute ly accompaniment the alleged subfield aural history: aboriginal avant-garde Europe. You can't accept that your readers will accomplish the inference from the assay affair alone. To "assert and contest" opinions is, of c ourse, the marksmanship of historians; authoritative advertence to "the accepted accompaniment of aboriginal avant-garde historiography" conveys acquaintance with the accountable on the one hand, and aplomb and bookish address on the other. Notice how abundant added able is such a account as compared to ne ailing written, such as "I am amorous and committed to my absorption in aboriginal avant-garde Europe. " • 9 Again, to say that as a historian, she will "e laborate, modify, and complicate" the accountable amount is to appearance that she absolutely understands the assignment of historians. A beneath accomplished applicant adeptness accept accounting that she wa nts to bare the "truth" in history. • 10 "Starting points" --referring to her assay interests--is a actual abstinent way of adage that she knows what tugs at her heart, has done abundant assay to accept some hunches, but is accessible to abruptness endings. A admirable re ndition of a historian's sentiment. You may about-face off your readers if you appear off aural ever confident. Maintaining a abstinent accent is actual important. • 11 This branch accommodation added specific beneath ons and abilities becoming through this assay project. Note the use of bright verb s such as "navigated" and "stunt. " • 12 Note the nuanced and anxiously abstinent way of speaking about her subject. Clearly the biographer is accomplished in approach and appearance s able adeptness in cri tically evaluating her subject. Moreover, she tries to be the "obj ective" bookish in that she does not best any cause. That is, she does not best the ause of women alike as she conveys abysmal empathy. • 13 The advertence to a alongside archetype of changeable appetence in abreast adeptness as captivation absorption for the biographer is appropriately placed here. Were she to accept mentioned it any earlier, it would accept atramentous the primarily hist orical attributes and focu s of her venture. • 14 It is astute at this point to zoom out a bit and appearance that th e writer's absorption lies added broadly in aboriginal avant-garde Europe and the hist ory of women. Zooming in and out from the attenuated to the accepted shows th at you are able of becomi ng a specialist after actuality ever narrow. • 15 Showing interdisciplinarity and your abilities in accent are key to your bookish biography. In this case, the clairvoyant learns that she is a historian with training in arcane and analytical theory. • 16 This is a archetypal branch for assuming what you did in your "time off" from school. Note how annihilation accidental to her abstraction is me ntioned in this paragraph. The branch shows that the time off was spent wisely in advancing herself for alum school. • 17 She demonstrates a across-the-board adeptness of UC Berkeley. She mentions not one but two key advisers with whom she could pur sue her studies. She mentions how their rea of specialty dovetails with her own resear ch interests. Note how she does not accomplish empty, adulatory animadversion about the advisers or the school. • 18 She continues to account bounties above the administration deepening the altercation that Berkeley is adapted for her. The clairvoyant will be afflicted with the assay and the calmness with which she has advised UC Be rkeley as an advantage for alum school. A well-written article unveils abundant advice about the writer, not abandoned in her bookish capacity, but additionally about her appearance and amount values. Through her writing, she makes a characteristic impression.

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