Global Managerial Economics

What would be the assembly achievability frontiers for Brazil and the United States? Without trade, the United States produces AND CONSUMES 32,500 units of accouterment and 125,000 cans of soda. Without trade, Brazil produces AND CONSUMES 50,000 units of accouterment and 25,000 cans of soda. Denote these credibility on anniversary COUNTRY’s assembly achievability frontier.  Using what you accept abstruse and any absolute analysis you may conduct, which artefact should anniversary country specialize in, and why?  To abetment in your cerebration and discussion, added questions to accede include: What is the labor-intensive good? What is the Marginal Rate of Transformation impact? What is the labor-abundant country? What is the capital-abundant country? Could barter advice abate abjection in Brazil and alternative developing countries?

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