global environment

  1) What do we beggarly by assurance (1)? What does alternation beggarly for who is impacted by ecology issues (1)?  2) What were the capital drivers of the avant-garde ecology movement in the United States – accommodate examples (1). Since, what accept been the ascendant modes of aegis (1)?  3) Describe four key geographic concepts and accommodate an archetype for anniversary (2).  4) Why are we desert the appellation ‘natural disaster’ (2)? 5)  (FILL IN THE BLANK) is to abbreviate appellation temperature and precipitation, while (FILL IN THE BLANK) is to decades continued temperature and precipitation (2) 6) Describe the accord amid Earth’s Energy Budget and greenhouse gases in agreement of altitude change (2).  7)   Describe the concepts of acknowledgment and adaptation- how do they alter (2)? 8)   What is sustainability? Describe the three pillars and accommodate a appraisal of this acceptable analogue (2).  9)   What is meant by the acclaimed EW Zimmerman adduce – ‘Resources are not, they become...” (1993) (2)?  10) What are the two assumption apparatus of altitude (1)? Describe the four capital drivers of these apparatus (1).  11) Compare and adverse two capital approaches to compassionate the accord amid citizenry and the ambiance (1). How accept anniversary of these either accurate or negated the accepted ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ Theory (1)?  12) (FILL IN THE BLANK) is to distinct aisle while (FILL IN THE BLANK) accept assorted paths and futures (2) 13) Why is the accord amid burghal planning and altitude change a spatial botheration (2)?  14) Describe how we ascertain vulnerability (1). How does vulnerability chronicle to the abstraction of ‘double exposure’ (1)?  15) Describe the differences amid amoebic and fair barter aliment systems (1)? What could an another to the alternatives be (1)?  \For allotment two of the midterm, you will address a best 2 folio acknowledgment to the afterward question: How does a circuitous access advice ensure a added equitable, just, and hopeful all-around ecology transformation? Accommodate specific socio-economic and biophysical examples (10)

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