George Mason University Social Influence and Compliance Gaining Persuasive Analysis

Persuasive Analysis PaperLink to turn is in Week 4
Overall Description: With this assignment, you will be selecting a persuasive message
(preferably visual) and analyzing the persuasive tactics it uses. The persuasive message may be
in the form of an advertisement, mail solicitation, speech, pamphlet or editorial. If you have a
message that does not fit into these categories, please talk to me.
Task Analysis: 1. Choose a persuasive message (if audio or visual, the link must be emailed to
me). The campaign can be old or new, print, television, radio, or internet (or all four),
commercial, political, or even wartime propaganda. 2. Study the message to determine the
audience at which it was directed, the persuasive goal, and any other relevant information.
3. Using what you’ve learned about persuasion, analyze the tactics and strategies used.
Writing the paper: 1. Describe the message in terms of the product/service, the audience, the
persuasive goal of the persuader, the context in which the advertisement was found, and any
other information you think is relevant. 2. Present your analysis of the sender, message or
receiver variables we’ve discussed in class. Use 1 theory in depth. 3. Provide a conclusion
summarizing what you’ve found and the effectiveness of the message? Dis the persuaders
account for most variables? Should they have done something different? Under what
circumstances would this appeal succeed or fail? 4. Attach a copy of the persuasive message (or
email the link).
Evaluation: This paper is worth 75 points. The paper will evaluated according to the following
15 pt Quality Writing: Good grammar, spelling, conciseness, organization, flow and
adherence to the assignment requirements. 12 point double spaced Times New Roman font is
25 pt Description: How well do you describe the advertisement, audience and persuasive
35 pt Analysis: thorough appropriate analysis using the vocabulary and ideas talked about in
Powerpoint ^^^^

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