GB512: Business Communications letter Package

Your assignment is to write five letters for five different audiences. The objective of each of the
first four letters is to let the recipient know that a request to carry a product is being 
turned down. 

The fifth letter involves a personal response. While abroad on business you made friends with
someone at a professional conference held in Japan. He has sent you a letter inviting you and
your family to come and visit when you are next in Japan. Your new friend wants you to visit his
home and dine with his family. Accept this invitation in a 
cordial letter. , 
Advice from Flood, 

Weiss, and Thomas will be invaluable for completing the assignment.
Assignment Checklist:
• Write 5 letters: 4 Business letters and 1 personal letter
• Accommodate 5 different audiences
• Using your Flood and Weiss texts for reference, communicate that their request is being
turned down in the 4 business letters
• Accept the personal invitation to visit the Japanese family
• Use the appropriate format and proper English mechanics according to your reading


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