Fundamentals case study

Case Study, Chapter 1, Health Affliction Delivery and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice  1. Suzanne Jones, 76-year-old accommodating with COPD is accepted to the ICU. Mrs. Jones is placed on automated blast to abetment with her breathing. Afterwards 2 canicule on the ventilator, Mrs. Jones is extubated and again transferred to a medical-surgical unit. The medication dieting is adapted during the hospitalization. Mrs. Jones is absolved home afterwards 6 days. She and her ancestors are admiring with the affliction she accept in the hospital. (Learning Objectives 3 and 6) Describe the affection achievement accoutrement that may be acclimated to authenticate that the affliction and analysis rendered are both cost-efficient and of aerial quality.  Describe the affection achievement accoutrement that may be acclimated to authenticate that the nursing affliction activated is evidence-based affliction and aerial quality, consistent in accommodating achievement and acceptable accommodating outcomes. 2. The registered assistant alive in the cardiac affliction dispensary is tasked with implementing affection advance measures. To brainwash the dispensary staff, the assistant affairs an in-service affairs to acquaint concepts of affection advance and evidence-based practice. Additionally, the role of the case administrator will be included in the presentation. The assistant affairs on application affliction of the accommodating with Congestive Heart Failure as a template, and prepares sample analytic pathways, affliction maps, and multidisciplinary activity plans. (Learning Objective 3) Describe how analytic pathways are acclimated to alike affliction of caseloads of patients. What is the role of the case administrator in evaluating a patient’s progress? What are examples of evidence-based convenance accoutrement acclimated for planning accommodating care?

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