Fundamental case study2

Case Study, Chapter 2, Community-Based Nursing Practice 1. Mr. Jones, who is 74 years of age, is actuality absolved home afterwards accepting a appropriate knee replacement. The acquittal orders from the orthopedic surgeon include: connected acquiescent motion (CPM) at the accepted ambience of 0-degrees addendum beat back walking with crutches (nonweight-bearing postdischarge day 1, and may activate weight-bearing postdischarge day 2); and home assistant visits, as needed. Concrete analysis should activate the day afterwards acquittal at an orthopedic center. The orders will be faxed to the center. The afterward medications with prescriptions absorbed include: Lovenox (enoxaparin) 70 mg subcutaneously already circadian for 7 days, Vicodin (hydrocodone bitartrate) 10 mg every 4 hours PRN, and Colace (docusate sodium) 100 mg every day. The accommodating is to chase up with the orthopedic surgeon in 3 weeks. His babe affairs to break with him for several weeks to abetment him with commons and domiciliary chores, and booty him to concrete analysis and the orthopedic surgeon for follow-up. Mr. Jones has three alternative accouchement who alive in alternative states. He is a widower and attends a bounded church. (Learning Objective 4) What affairs should the assistant accomplish in beforehand afore attaining all-important association assets and referrals afore the accommodating is discharged?  What all-important association assets and referrals will the accommodating need? 2. Mrs. Johnson, a 67-year-old changeable patient, has afresh been absolved from the hospital afterward an acceptance for COPD. She has a accomplished medical history of a colon resection accompanying to astute diverticulitis. She developed a surgical anguish infection that requires circadian wet to dry anguish packing and IV Zosyn. Mrs. Johnson was absolved with home oxygen. To administer her affliction at home, home affliction visits were ordered. (Learning Objective 5) What would be complex in ambience up the aboriginal home affliction visit? Describe the nursing assessments and administration that would action during the visit.

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