Franklin Pierce College Persuasive Speech Self-Evaluation Essay

Persuasive Speech Self-Evaluation (Complete on First Draft)

Please provide sentence examples that illustrate the points of your outline that you have included. For
instance, if the question asks if your attention getter is strong, answer the question and copy paste or write
Specific Purpose statement:
Does it start with an infinitive phrase that starts with “To persuade” and
includes the topic of the speech?
Are all necessary components in the intro?
Is the opening line attention-getting? Does it effectively “hook” the audience?(2)
Do you establish credibility by telling us about your research/experience/interest? (3)
Is your thesis clear (using signpost “to persuade”) and presented in one complete sentence?
(4)Do you preview the main points? Do they work in conversation with each
other and in support of the thesis? Body:
Are all necessary components in the body?
Are your main points organized clearly and appropriately in either a problem-solution
format or a problem-cause-solution format? (2)
Is there proper outlining symbols and indentation throughout? (no hanging information, all

main points begin with roman numeral, subpoints begin with capital letter, and subsubpoitns begin with numerical digits) (3)
Are there complete sentences used throughout the entire outline?
(4) Is each A followed by a B and does every subpoint have at least a 1 and a 2?
Are there clear transitions between each main point? Do you use internal
previews and summaries? “Now that I’ve introduced the problems…. I will…”Organization:
Is the speech easy to follow or do you feel lost? Why?
Do you use ethos, pathos, and logos? If not, be sure to channel these rhetorical appeals.
(3) Do you use persuasive language throughout? (urge, implore, entice) (4) Do you address opposing arguments in their speech? If not, think of a reason someone might
challenge you- include this in speech and refute it! Conclusion:
Are all necessary components in the conclusion?

(1) Do you return to the attention getter?
(2) Do you restate the thesis in different words?
(3) Do you review the main points as explored in the intro and body?
(4) Do you do more than restate thesis and main points, but provide a persuasive close that keeps the audience thinking→
i.e. provide a call to action, offer a solution, or make a prediction. Must end on this persuasive call to action note! (5) Is the closing line memorable/ persuasive? Is a works cited page included in proper MLA format?
(1) Does the author use at least three credible sources that are cited in text and in the works
(2) Do you cite all outside information in your speech?I WILL PROVIDE MY INTRO AND CONCLUSION

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