Four Microbiology DQ

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With a new respiratory disease popping up in the news today, the health of our respiratory system becomes more important. What is a specific way a healthy respiratory system differs from a diseased one? How can individuals afflicted with a transmissible respiratory illness prevent the spread of disease and how can healthy individuals avoid contracting respiratory illnesses? What conditions increase the spread of a respiratory infection? 


How can healthy individuals generally avoid contracting cardiovascular illnesses? Select a specific cardiovascular disease or disease of the lymphatic system caused by a pathogen and identify the symptoms or characteristics of the disease, the treatment, and possible prevention.


What are some of the innovations being discussed or developed for the treatment or diagnosis of infectious diseases? What improvements do you foresee occurring in the next 20 years?


Identify a urogenital or sexually transmitted disease other than AIDS and answer the following questions for the disease:


           What are its symptoms and how can it can be diagnosed?


How can the infection or disease be prevented?


Could this disease be confused with another disease? If so, what disease? What are the long-term consequences of not receiving treatment?



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