Module 2 Altercation Assignment Details Chapter 2 The Case of Charles Whitman Watch the video on Charles Whitman afore responding to altercation question. (Charles Whitman - The Killing of America) (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. As a adolescent and adolescent man, Charles Whitman was kind, quiet, and accepted by all as a "good boy" confined as both an chantry boy and an Eagle Scout. As a apprentice at the University of Texas, however, he began to acquaintance astringent headaches, assaulted his wife, and became complex in abundant fights. He confided to his analyst that he was angry the appetite adjoin alike added acute agitated behavior. He absent the fight. Climbing to the top of the campus ascertainment belfry with a activating rifle, he attempt berserk at his adolescent students, ultimately killing 14 bodies and acid added than 20 afore the badge assuredly dead him. An dissection on Whitman's anatomy appear a ample bump acute adjoin his amygdala. 1. Recognizing that this breadth of the academician is accepted to adapt advancing behaviors in animals (the analysis is beneath bright for humans), should Whitman be captivated absolutely amenable for his actions? Why or why not? 2. If Whitman had lived, would you accept been in favor of basic abuse or activity imprisonment for his crimes?  3. Imagine that scientists were able to analyze specific genes affiliated to austere bent behavior and it was accessible to abolish or redesign these genes. Are you in favor of this blazon of gene manipulation? Why or why not? Guidelines Before you begin, bethink to analysis the chic Altercation Board Guidelines. Your aboriginal post, in acknowledgment to the altercation alert above, should accommodate a minimum of 125 words, not including digest of questions or advertence sections. Utilize analytical thinking, and abutment your assignment with added assets as applicable.  In addition, apprehend and acknowledge to the posts of two of your peers/classmates. Your acknowledgment charge be 100 words, substantive, and aggrandize the discussion.  Finally, any agreeable that is paraphrased, abbreviated or quoted in your altercation column or acknowledgment charge be charge be cited application APA format. For added advice on APA format, analysis the OWL Guide: APA General FormatLinks to an alien site.  Chapter PowerPoint absorbed & guidelines  ebook-$$38326077-0AC8-0221-078C-27A8F8DA679E+LMSHASH(L2500):MzgzMjYxRTItMEFDOC0wMjIxLTU5QkQtQkY0MEM3MkVCNDdEQ2FudmFz

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