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1. Daniel Pink states that we have always believed that economic incentives are needed to assure good results. In reality, it only works for mechanical work, routine and repetitive and not only that, but often diminishes creativity. For this reason, if organizations want employees to give the best of them, it should encourage the hidden spirit that both leaders and subordinates carry within. The intrinsic drive to do things for themselves, because we want to and because we feel better doing them.

I’ve always said that to do a job well, you have to like what you do or at least make it likeable. If I don’t like what I am doing at work, I will complete the job but perhaps not with the same enthusiasm and just for responsibility. We most feel comfortable where we work and the environment in order to perform better.


2.Jim Collins criticizes the efforts of companies to motivate employees. He argues that if a Company have the right people they do not need to motivate them, because they will motivate themselves, yet companies often do everything to do the opposite. Here, Jim Collins shifted the paradigm, do not devotes resources to motivate staff, instead, focus in not discourage them.

All human being have needs to satisfy and all start within themselves, in their inner state. Intrinsic motivation depends on our mood. An Intrinsic individual seek and face new challenges and in doing so satisfy important psychological needs. Intrinsic motivation pushes us to want to overcome environmental challenges and achievements. Although some people can motivate themselves, good conditions at work to perform and opportunities will influence: resources, equipments, good technology, a great human resources structure with training support, etc. Those are supports that facilities the job and indirectly motivates people. If a person is motivated but does not counts with proper condition eventually he or she will get discourage depends of our mood. Not all individual are the same so motivation is needed to be present, not necessary monetary motivation but at least the opportunity to have new acknowledged. Studies demonstrate that support has a positive impact of transformation on employee creativity.

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