Food-Bourne Illnesses

Using the afterward scenario, complete the case study. During Spring Break, Angela, Bridgette, and Laura went to a baby Mexican boondocks near the Gulf of Mexico. On Friday night, the girls went to a restaurant. Angela and Bridgette aggregate a pizza with arena beef, refried beans, cheese, and some vegetable toppings. Laura ate a ample allocation of craven fajitas. Afterwards dinner, Laura brought her extra craven fajitas aback to the hotel and stored them in the room’s refrigerator. Saturday morning, the girls ate bagels and beginning fruit. For lunch, the girls chock-full at a deli. Angela had a appearance bloom with beginning strawberries, blueberries, and poppy berry dressing. Bridgette had a shrimp bloom sandwich on a broiled multigrain roll. Laura had a basin of seafood borsch soup. The young women were accepting so abundant fun that evening, they didn’t accept time for a sit-down dinner, so they anniversary ate a hot dog from a artery vendor. When they alternate to the auberge afterwards that evening, they were a little bit hungry, so they aggregate Laura’s craven fajita assortment afterwards reheating them in a microwave. Between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, Angela and Bridgette anniversary woke up activity abhorrent and bloated. They spent best of Sunday ailing with vomiting and diarrhea. Angela additionally had a actual bad cephalalgia and chills. Laura acquainted fine, but she was ashore in the auberge allowance demography affliction of her ailing accompany all day.   Determine what food(s) you anticipate could accept potentially been the antecedent of Angela and Bridgette’s food-borne illness.  Explain your reasoning. Identify abeyant sources of food-borne affliction for anniversary of the commons the girls ate over the weekend.    Based on their symptoms, doubtable aliment source(s), and the time of onset, assay which microorganism(s) were best acceptable to accept been amenable for their illness. Use references to abutment your claims. Discuss any precautions that Bridgette and Angela could have done abnormally to prevent developing a food-borne illness. Explain your answer.

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