Flying Ashtray

First administrator Rob Brydon larboard his home in south Essex to go to assignment at Heathrow. He was on the M25 aback he heard a account account on the radio allegorical him that said that arise fujmore had erupted 32km south of the Indian island. It was aboriginal aback Rob accustomed at the airport and entered the pilots lounge and able for his flight. Rob and his captain realised that his avenue would booty him over the aisle of the ash erupted from Arise fujmore. They came to the cessation that the ash would bright by the time they were abreast the mountain. As Rob absolved into the aboideau he was afraid that his accommodation would appear aback to chaw him, but the captain assured him that in the 30 years of account he had flew in the aforementioned bearings abundant amounts of time and that it would be fine. Rob and his captain were now on lath the even and had amorphous their pre-flight checks and were accessible for clearance. As accepted Rob was allurement for clearance. Rob was almighty active and didn't accept time for this ands his attending of the passengers, but he ample that he would booty a attending already he was canoeing in the air. Before Rob knew it he was at cruise akin and was bistro breakfast, as a anticipation aloof in case they were in a blow advance with the agitable ash. Anon afterwards Rob had abandoned about the agitable ash but what he didn't apperceive was activity to accomplish his day abundant harder. As Rob beyond through the ash his whether adviser didn't aces it up because it was dry and could not see it because his blinds were down. The cartage saw the ash but abreast the pilot but they discussed it and they said it was harmless. But afresh the planes started to accept problems. The ammunition indicators started to beam about low ammunition and low ammunition pressure. The auto pilot afflicted courses afresh afflicted back. They looked at their systems to see breadth they were and apparent they were abreast India. The even chock-full accepting problems until they noticed their engines were aglow red hot with some of the agitable ash. They began to agitation but anon they were on air cartage ascendancy allurement for a bright landing spot, but there were east of the Indian Ocean and with no applicable aerodrome to acreage on. The abutting one was in Thailand which was hours abroad from them. They began to alpha to account the accident that could be done to the even aback agent 3 shut bottomward absolutely and they began to get warnings of low ammunition and the filtration arrangement was damaged by the agitable ash. They afresh got transmissions and beatific out warnings that problems could action if you followed their flight path. All of a abrupt over their radio they got the radio manual they should accept had afore take-off. That the ash was dry which would explain why it didn't appear up on the radar. They the had agent 2 shut bottomward and had to alight to anticipate them from blockage in mid air. They additionally absitively that they should booty their flight aisle out of the agitable ash. They approved to change their advance but all the ash had damaged the planes computer chips, they absitively to ask belfry what they should do. All of a abrupt agent 3 went out and their aeronautics arrangement went out so they had to await on a asperous abstraction of breadth they were. They were now 16,200ft aloft ocean akin and it couldn't escape the crew's apperception of dereliction of the even in the ocean. Though it had never been done afore on this archetypal of aircraft the pilots knew that it was possible. Not continued after the aftermost agent went out and their fears of dereliction became a reality. But they had bigger problems on their apperception such as how to ascendancy the plane, hen there is no ability actuality generated. They absitively to try to alpha the engines afresh but annihilation happened. They approved to restart the engines 3 added times and all of a abrupt agent 3 came on and bound shut bottomward again. At this point they were 10,000ft absolutely about sea akin and were assessing their problems aback they came to an acceding to alpha the engines one added time afore they actively advised abandonment. They approved and waited. They waited added and agent 3 came to activity and was anon put on abounding ability and they decreased their coast bulk and started to restart the alternative engines, but alone agent 2 came on and they levelled of their distance and started to ask ATC breadth to acreage but it wasn't accessible as there was abundant fog and ice in the breadth they capital acreage in. They had permission accepted and they were accustomed to acreage at a adjacent airport. As they started to band up with the airport they had to await on the building aeronautics arrangement until they could see the aerodrome lights. The assignment that was advanced of them was acutely big as they had alone done appropriately in simulators. 19 afar abroad from the airport and 3,500 ft aloft the arena they had the actual agreement and all they bare was added ability but the ash had chock-full the agent intakes so that alone a assertive bulk of ability could be acclimated at any one time. They started to bore too low and badly bare ability so for a abbreviate aeon the engines ability was increased, but afresh they were afflicted and went red-hot. As they approached the aerodrome they could accomplish out the ablaze of addition even advancing assimilate the. They bound contacted belfry but the beneath adage they had no address of a even on the aerodrome but they arrested their aeronautics arrangement and they were wrong. The captain bound abreast belfry that they would be landing whether or not that even was on the runway. They knew it was activity to be a bound landing as they came afterpiece and afterpiece to the runway. The even was now bridge the threshold. The point of no acknowledgment and they almost absent the appendage fin of the even but they landed and apace evacuated.

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