Florida Southwestern State College Module 6 Algebra Discussion

Module 6 DiscussionDirections

  • Do not edit or delete your answer or your original reply.
  • You can reply again if you feel you need to correct your post.
  • If you edit or delete your original response, you will get half the points only for each correct answer.
  • You won’t get credit if your first response is irrelevant to the questions. If you reply it again, please mention a reason why do you need to reply to it again.


Answer the following questions for above graph of .

2 points for each question

  1. What is the vertex? (Write an ordered pair.) (2pts)
  2. Write an equation for the axis of symmetry? (2pts)
  3. What is the minimum value of the graph? Your answer must be an integer not ordered pair. (2pts)
  4. Determine the range of the graph? (Write the answer in interval notation) (2pt)
  5. Is a graph of a function? Is this linear or quadratic function? (2pt)

-8 -6 -4 -2
2 4 6 8 10

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