financial markets

·  You should adapt an controlling announcement and abide a certificate in Word format. Wordcount amid 1500-2000. ·  You should abide a Power Point presentation amid 15 and 20 slides. ·  Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are afar of the absolute wordcount. It assesses the afterward acquirements outcomes: ·  Analyze banal amount changes ·  Demonstrate compassionate of the banking markets Assignment: : Follow a accessible traded banal and assay the changes in banal price. Write a presentation and an controlling announcement of your findings.  Company: Geely Automobile In your presentation you should: 1)  Describe graphically the trend of the banal prices during the aftermost 6 months and, in added detail, during the las 3 weeks. 2)  Explain the empiric trends 3)  Relate these trends to accordant contextual information. 4)  Regarding this context, briefly anticipation the changes in prices for the abutting month.  In your controlling announcement you should: 1)  Explain your allegation based on the advice independent in the presentation. The presentation of these allegation charge be bright and advantageous to acquaint accommodation making. 2)  Make business recommendations based on these findings. Remember that  “An controlling memory is a abbreviate certificate that aims to acquaint administration or accommodation makers about any issues in affiliation with the business (projects and activity developments) that would charge approval with the management.”

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