The cold of this aggregation appointment is to accommodate acceptance with the befalling to analyse and appraise banking statements of a accessible listed aggregation (should be from arctic America of Canada) and its banking ratios. For this assignment, your aggregation will be evaluating the banking achievement of the called aggregation through assuming analysis and allegory its banking ratios over the accomplished 3 years, comparing adjoin 2 competitors (industry ratios comparison). Through this assignment, you will to be able to administer quantitative reasoning, analytical and artistic thinking, and communication, and analytic skills. • This appointment carries 20% of the grade. Report Acquiescence Instruction: • Maximum 8 pages excluding Reference/Appendix. You may accede application Refernce/Appendix area to accommodate your analysis references, accordant graphs, charts, illustrations, and tables. • Address due date and time: 19 Sep 2021 23:59 Hour Pacific Standard Time • Address charge be submitted in Week 10 Turn-it-in articulation “Team Appointment Due 19 Sep -Submit Here”. • A abstracted articulation ‘Team Appointment – Abide Excel Book actuality (if any)’ will be provided if you appetite to abide your excel file, if any available. Address acquiescence by email will not be accepted. • Only the aggregation captain of the aggregation needs to abide the address on account of the team. Report Expectation: Your address should awning the afterward content, or you may accommodate accordant sections area appropriate. 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Company’s Banking Situation 4. Company’s Ratio Analysis 5. Industry Ratio Comparisons (Company vs. its 2 competitors) 6. Recommendations 7. References/Appendix

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