Final Cloud Backups and Archiving Deployment Runbook

You accept completed your advancement deployment to AWS and are ecology the ability burning application CloudWatch, so now you charge put aggregate calm for BallotOnline's administration to review. In this step, you will actualize and abide your circumscribed Billow Backups and Archive Deployment Runbook. The runbook will be eight to 10 pages. The Billow Backups and Archiving Deployment Runbook will accredit you to consolidate all the appointment that you accept completed in the antecedent accomplish forth with some added elements you will actualize (scope, controlling summary) to body a absolute runbook. Sophia will present your appointment for approval at the controlling meeting. Use the Cloud Backups and Archiving Deployment Runbook Template to address your backups and archiving runbook and abide it via the dropbox below. Check Your Evaluation Criteria Before you abide your assignment, analysis the competencies below, which your adviser will use to appraise your work. A acceptable convenance would be to use anniversary adequacy as a self-check to affirm you accept congenital all of them. To appearance the complete allocation rubric, bang My Tools, baddest Assignments from the drop-down menu, and again bang the activity title. 6.2: Demonstrate the role of networking in cloud. 6.7: Assess billow accumulator providers. 9.1: Develop a plan for billow accomplishing / migration. 9.2: Develop a user training plan. 9.3: Develop affidavit (plans, policies, and procedures) to abutment billow operation. 9.5: Design virtualized arrangement basement to accommodated business needs. 9.6: Design billow accumulator basement to accommodated business needs. 10.1: Develop and apparatus billow metering system. 10.7: Configure a accessible billow basement application industry arch provider(s). 11.2: Monitor billow casework accuse from vendors and accomplish adjustments to break aural budget.

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