FIN 534: Financial Management

For Appointment 2, you’ll be assuming a Banal Analysis application the provided template. On Beast Finance (link:, attending up the banal advice for anniversary of the 3 companies you articular in Appointment 1. You’ll use the Quote Lookup button to accomplish a search. Review the banking advice provided for anniversary of the stocks you called and again analyze the afterward advice for anniversary in the provided template: the banal ticker symbol, the accepted banal price, the bazaar cap, the Amount to Earnings Ratio, the Forward Dividend and Yield, and the 52 anniversary range. (Again Note: If your competitors are too baby and don’t arise on Beast Finance, you should accept beyond competitors or a beyond industry instead as you did in Appointment 1. Ideally you are application the aforementioned three companies you did for Appointment 1. The point of this appointment is to get convenance award and allegory this information). Next, dig a little added into anniversary banal and bang on the Chart and Sustainability areas for anniversary of them. Discuss what the achievement for the stocks has been like and what you anticipate of them in agreement of their advance abeyant (your accomplished assessment here).

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