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Analyze the afterward case:At the alpha of the year, Ted Frey absitively to adapt a banknote account for the year, based uponanticipated banknote receipts and payments. The estimates in the account represent a “best guess.”The account is as follows:Expected anniversary banknote receipts:Salary from part-time job - $10,000Salary from summer job - 4,000Total Receipts $14,000Expected anniversary banknote payment:Tuition $4,500Books 400Rent 3,500Food 2,500Utilities 800Entertainment 4,000Total payments 15,700Net change in banknote $?Assume you are a authoritative adviser and Ted has appear to you for advice. If contest duringthe year booty abode as he advancing in the aloft budget, he will be $1,700 short.Prepare a accounting abode for Ted that addresses ALL credibility of altercation listed below.(DISCUSS in branch anatomy – DO NOT acknowledgment alone questions). Remember – Tedhas asked you to analysis his budget, abode the issues beneath and accommodate him with awritten report.-What does this account suggest?-In what means is this advice useful?-Some items in the account are added assertive than others. What are the implications of these altered levels of authoritativeness to Ted’s planning?-Some acquittal items are added controllable than others. Assuming that Ted affairs to go toschool, allocate the items ascontrollable, partially controllable, or not controllable. What are the implications of controllable items to planning?-What accomplishments could Ted booty in adjustment to abstain accepting the advancing arrears of $1,700 at the end of the year?-What does this account abort to consider, and what are the implications of these omissions to Ted’s planning?This cardboard should be at atomic two FULL pages and no added than 5 pages in length. Set itup with 1” margins. Use WORD. You will be graded on content, grammar, punctuation,word structure, spelling, etc..This appointment is to be completed application a branch format 

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