Feedback 2 page ( read everything carefully please)

In our advance text, David Nicol (as cited in Svinicki & McHeachie, 2014, p.109) explains, “There is no such affair as acceptable teaching after acceptable feedback”. As an instructor, you will be accouterment acknowledgment to acceptance on a around-the-clock basis. Many advisers accumulate a tip area or account accessible while grading. For this assignment, you will actualize a tip area or account of your own in a chat certificate that: Content: Describe at atomic bristles appearance of acceptable accounting acknowledgment with abbreviate account that includes at atomic one in-text cited reference. Explain, application at atomic bristles examples, how to adapt acknowledgment to accommodated the needs of assorted learners that includes at atomic one in-text cited advertence of support. Outline, with examples, the seven types of acknowledgment with examples of each. Written Communication: Syntax and Mechanics: Exhibit accurate use of grammar, spelling, organization, and acceptance throughout your submission. Source Requirement: Advertence at atomic two bookish sources in accession to the advance arbiter in adjustment to accommodate acute affirmation to abutment your ideas. Page Requirement: Your acquiescence charge be two pages in breadth excluding a appellation and advertence page. APA format: All in argument citations, folio architecture and references charge be accounting in APA 6th copy format.

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