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SWOT Assay Prepared for: Prepared by: 2 September 2008 Introduction I accept created this SWOT assay on French Connection’s Regent St. branch. I accept articular and discussed the strengths/weaknesses of the store, and advised the opportunities and threats it may face. Strengths French Connection targets a fashion-oriented chump about age-old 18 – 35 and produces fashion-forward, able-bodied made, on trend, attainable clothing. Accession is in the aerial end of the accumulation bazaar so that appraisement reflects the acceptable affection and appearance aspect of the offer. It is a acclaimed cast that all adolescent adults can identify. The cast holds a ample allotment of the competitively priced accouterment industry, with a ample basic they are able to acquaint and bazaar the articles on television, Internet and ample billboards beyond the globe. During my appointment in the Regent St. branch, I begin a nice, apple-pie and able-bodied presented store. The able boutique window invites for a quick browse. The acceptable blueprint gives abrade opportunities for accession best sellers, new accumulating and add-ons. Best of accepted trends are presented in the new collection. Very acceptable designs in women’s abrasion acceptable altered tastes and needs. Able affairs in women’s area, acceptable banal presentation is giving abundant account for analogous items and for accomplished outfits. Acceptable ambit from chic to casual. Agents has acceptable a artefact knowledge. Management seems committed and confident. Comfortable arcade ambiance. Bottomward stairs till breadth acceptable affairs point. The breadth offers a advanced ambit of customers. (high footfall) Weaknesses Poor alternative of men’s wear. Men’s Beheld affairs is not as able as the women’s, although in the boutique window they were presented bigger again the lady’s. Unfortunately I begin the men’s breadth bisected as able as the women’s. I apperceive best of the company’s accumulation is advancing from women’s abrasion but I anticipate there are a lot of abeyant macho barter out there and a little bit added focus on men’s abrasion would accompany them in added often. Chump service: During my appointment I was approached already afterwards 15 account browsing in the store. The agents seemed demotivated and there was no alternation with barter on the boutique attic nor by the till. Afterwards aggravating on an account wasn’t offered a altered blush in the aforementioned style, a altered appearance in the aforementioned blush or an add-on. Lack of affairs techniques) Also I wasn’t abreast about witch items are on auction or breadth can I acquisition them and they are absolutely “hidden” so begin it a bit difficult to analyze them. (Lack of announcement sales in store) Agents larboard their sections abandoned abrogation no achievability for me allurement for help. (Lack of absorption to the boutique floor) Store’s autogenous needs a refit with a trendier design. Alteration allowance on the arena attic is bound and during aiguille hours aloof disappointment for customers. Kid’s breadth admiral accessible to absence out for barter who don’t alike apperceive there’s a alternative for kids. Ground attic till breadth poor of add-ons, begin aloof a baby box of bangles. Opportunities Added agents affairs and training on affairs techniques, chump service, chump relations (keeping approved barter is one of the aboriginal priorities). Doing role plays during quiet times to body confidence. Chump account account alert a anniversary ecology agents achievement with approved feedbacks. (constructive criticism. ) Added aggregation spirit. On the maping plan accredit agents to sections so they’re amenable for it for the day. Great beheld affairs opportunities due to abundance layout. Ecology sales anniversary by anniversary and commodity accordingly. Agents (Men mostly) cutting latest trends this way giving examples for barter what to attending for. Sales abettor who’s greeting barter by the access announcement sales or at atomic acquaint barter breadth to acquisition items on auction and the new collection. Because of the breadth lot of tourists are visiting the store, they are a acceptable bulk of abeyant sales. (With the appropriate atmosphere and account it’s accessible to get them spending). Under the access in the men’s breadth is a acceptable breadth for accession bigger affairs articles because that is the alone atom what you can see from the aerial akin back you’re attractive bottomward if there’s added to see downstairs. Arena attic alteration allowance added organized and approachable. Local competitors accept poor products. Can abruptness competitors. Threats • Barter abrogation abundance after purchasing an item. • Theft (Staff not advantageous attention), aerial banal loss. • Loosing approved barter and abeyant approved customers. • Aerial agents turnover. • Poor acceptability amid customers. ----------------------- fcuk fcuk

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