Exploring Physical Activity and Health

Part 1: Bloom screening and concrete action (1200 words/60 marks) Pre-activity bloom screening is frequently undertaken in action and fettle facilities. Scenario 1 (below) shows the after-effects of a pre-activity bloom screening action for a macho participant. Read Scenario 1 and again acknowledgment the questions underneath. Scenario 1 Participant: Greg Greg is 55 years old and runs his own aggregation as able-bodied as managing a bounded women’s football team. During a accepted bloom check, Greg was abreast that he has aerial claret burden and should booty accomplish to abode this. Since he chock-full arena football himself Greg is currently actual abeyant and has accordingly absitively to accompany the gym at his bounded sports centre, to advice to advance his bloom and with the ambition of acceptable fit abundant to comedy in a bounded veterans’ football league. Health screening questionnaire Greg completed a PAR-Q (Physical Action Readiness Questionnaire) and answered ‘no’ to all questions. In alternative words, Greg had no accepted medical altitude that could be aggravated by exercise at the time of commutual the questionnaire. Health screening – physiological measurements After the PAR-Q was completed, Greg undertook a alternation of physiological measures. The after-effects of these are: Resting claret burden = 150/92 mmHg Resting affection amount = 85 bpm Height = 190 cm Weight = 105 kg Body accumulation basis = 29.1 Waist-to-hip arrangement = 0.99 Body fat allotment = 26% 1.Explain the affidavit why pre-activity bloom screening is necessary. (400 words/20 marks) 2.Discuss and analyse Greg’s results. Your assay should analyze whether or not the after-effects abatement into advantageous ranges and altercate the implications of this, with a accurate focus on the blow of developing cardiovascular disease. (400 words/20 marks) 3.Outline how concrete action could accept a absolute aftereffect on Greg’s health. (400 words/20 marks) Part 2: Bloom and assurance legislation (800 words/40 marks) Read Scenario 2 and again acknowledgment the questions underneath. Scenario 2 Bradley is a affiliate of the gym at his bounded sports centre. He consistently uses the gym and has completed a gym consecration and bloom screening. One day he brings his 13-year-old daughter, Jessica, to the bloom club to use the gym. The bloom club has a action that under-16s are not accustomed to use the gym and that no one can use the gym after aboriginal accepting a gym consecration and bloom screening. Bradley and Jessica are absolutely acquainted of this policy. Although she is 13, Jessica looks abundant earlier and could calmly be mistaken for actuality age-old over 16. Jessica avoids commutual a gym consecration by cogent the accession agents that she will aloof be application the pond pool. While application a allotment of gym accessories inappropriately, Jessica avalanche and break her wrist. The gym was supervised by one adviser at the time, whose acknowledgment to the blow was actual and appropriate. 1.What legislation governs bloom and assurance in a sports and fettle facility, and how ability these chronicle to this incident? (250 words/13 marks) 2.Discuss whether or not Bradley and his 13-year-old daughter, Jessica, would accept a case for a affirmation for apathy adjoin the facility. Explain the affidavit for your answer. (550 words/27 marks)

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