Explore the Health Needs of a Selected Population

  Step 1: Find an article. Identify one peer-reviewed commodity from a nursing account focused on the bloom needs of one of the afterward populations in the United States: Women Children and adolescents Families Step 2: Apprehend the article. Critically apprehend the article. While you read, agenda the admirers targeted by the article, the purpose of the article, how affirmation is congenital into the nursing implications, the above account of the article, whether the commodity makes sense, whether the abstracts are logical, and so on. Step 3: Summarize the commodity and adduce a population-based intervention Summarize the article, including the admirers and purpose of the article, as able-bodied as the implications for population-based nursing. Based on the advice in the article, adduce one population-focused intervention. Make abiding that you use APA architecture to appropriately adduce the article. Step 4: Post to the altercation forum. Post the arbitrary of your commodity to the altercation forum.

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