Answer anniversary catechism 250-300 words APA Style 1-2 assets per question 1. Altercate a specific accepted action from one Middle Eastern country. What are the impacts of the action aural the corresponding country, the Middle East, and the world? How does the called action chronicle to agitator activities? You may accept to altercate a action that promotes or abutment agitation or a action advised to anticipate terrorism. 2.  Discuss the change of all-around jihad back the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Provide at atomic three specific examples of contest that occurred in the Middle East and altercate the means these contest afflicted all-around jihad. How has anniversary of these contest contributed to the connected agitation in the Middle East? 3. Altercate the accepted agitation surrounding the analogue of cyberterrorism. Why is there no accepted definition? What are some of the challenges associated with establishing a accepted definition? Provide examples of two aggressive definitions of cyberterrorism from altered sources and altercate the differences amid the definitions. What are the implications of these differences? 4. Altercate the characteristics that would analyze an advance of cyberterrorism from an advance of cybercrime. Altercate four specific characteristics that could be acclimated to analyze an advance as cyberterrorism or cybercrime. Why is it important to finer analyze amid the two? 5.  What are the primary furnishings of state-sponsored agitation on the calm and all-around communities? How does state-sponsored agitation appulse the political, economic, and amusing factors aural these communities? Which of these factors would you altercate is best decidedly impacted by state-sponsored terrorism, and why? 6.  Consider the political, social, and bread-and-butter furnishings of agitator attacks committed by non-state actors. How do these furnishings differ, if at all, from the furnishings of state-sponsored terrorism? Would you altercate that the political agent of agitator attacks (state-sponsored vs. non-state-sponsored) alters the furnishings on the calm and all-around communities, and why?    

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