Please accommodate responses alone with alone references                                                                                                                                                                ETHICS Lesson 1- Discussion "The Impaired Driver Case" Discussion Review 1.1 "The Impaired Driver Case" on folio 1. After reviewing the case altercate some of the pros and cons of "doing the appropriate thing" as referenced on folio 1. The ambition of this altercation is to activate to anticipate about the affair of ethical decisions. (200 Words).                                                           INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK Introduction to Amusing Work online textbook: - Introduction to Amusing Work Text: Why Choose the Amusing Work Profession? (Links to an alien site.) Types of Amusing Work: - (Links to an alien site.) Lesson 1 Altercation 1 Please actualize a altercation column by answering the afterward questions: · Why should addition appetite to booty this Introduction to Amusing Work course? · Should one accept any acquaintance in Amusing Work? If yes, amuse allotment some of your acquaintance (s). · What can one achievement to apprentice from this course?   Lesson 1 Altercation 2 After reviewing the readings and video, amuse actualize a abundant altercation column on the afterward question(s) · What were your perceptions of the role of a Amusing Worker above-mentioned to this class? · What types of Amusing Work absorption you the best and why?                                                                  SOCIAL WELFARE & POLICY Lesson 1 Discussion Discussion Guidelines: Approximately one folio (200 words).  Discuss the accent of the analogue of a amusing problem. What amusing problems do you see accident in your area?   Lesson 2 Readings and Videos Videos: York, R. (2018, Feb   15). The Nature of Policy Practice in Amusing Work. [Video].   YouTube. Hanauer, A. [Tedx   Talks]. (2015, May 15). The Influence of Policy. [Video].   YouTube. Lesson 2 Discussion Discussion Guidelines: Approximately one folio (200 words).  After watching “The Influence of Policy”, presented by Amy Hanauer, address a absorption on your thoughts of what she batten about.     

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