Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice

  Overview: In the afterward scenario, abode yourself in the role of a anew acknowledgment first-line administrator (sergeant) at a brand department. You will abode a announcement to the agent brand arch apropos the afterward book and what accomplishments you will booty to abode the issues you identify. You accept become acquainted that some admiral in the administration are application their brand and identification to accept chargeless or discounted aliment and drinks at assorted establishments in and abreast your community. There are rules and regulations that adapt and prohibit admiral from application their official accommodation as brand admiral for banking gain. However, you are additionally acquainted that this is a abiding convenance and is boundless beyond the administration including some admiral in command positions. There accept been no complaints from the accessible that accept been brought advanced that you are acquainted of, but you accept that this ethical botheration undermines the acceptability of the administration and its officers. In a announcement amuse abode the afterward analytical elements. 1. Analyze the ethical bind presented. 2. What implications may this accept on the brand administration as a whole? 3. What ethical apropos are there for the association in this situation? Why is it important to abode this issue? 4. Propose how you would accord with this bearings and what antitoxin accomplish you would booty to ensure this does not action again. 5. Articulate how the antitoxin accomplish you would booty appulse the achievement of the brand admiral and advance their adeptness to abode the botheration and assignment added effectively. 6. Be abiding to abutment your acknowledgment with bookish affirmation from the argument or alfresco sources

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