Ethical Case Study

   4. Identify the dilemma: explain the ethical abutment for another choices. Contrast affidavit application prepositions:  “Respect-for___,” against “Fairness- between_____&_____,” against “Consequences-of______” issues. 5. Explain the Rights/Respect issues of who care to accept which rights based on promises, expectations, freedom and dignity, not aloof laws. Use the phrase: “Respect for____” with our actual bound sets of rights & duties: truth, promises, privacy, property, & health/body. 6. Explain the Fairness/Justice issues in agreement of alleviative equals the aforementioned and alleviative bodies with altered of needs and becoming differences, differently. Use the phrase: “Fair amid ____&___.” 7. Explain the Benefits/Consequences in agreement of who, when, size, and authoritativeness of absolute and abrogating consequences. Consider Long Run against Short Run and use the phrase: “Consequences of______.” 8. Choose one position and explain WHY it is MORE ethical than the alternatives, agitation your abutment for the alternative positions. Where there is a dilemma, explain why ethical abutment for one best is bigger than abutment for the alternative choices. Explain what about this case makes these ethical affidavit added important.

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