Essay on The Red Scarf Girl by Ji Li Jiang

“The Red Scarf Girl” “Many accompany accept asked me why, afterwards all I went through, I did not abhorrence Chairman Mao and the Cultural Revolution in those years. The acknowledgment is simple: we were all brainwashed. ”p. 276 The book “The Red Scarf Girl” is a account accounting by columnist Ji Li Jiang account what it was like to abound up during the Abundant Proletarian Cultural Revolution, demography abode in China from 1965 to 1968. During this time, a political baton alleged Mao Zedong assertive the bodies of China that the “four olds", or the old means of China, were amiss and that the alone way for their country to move advanced was to absolutely adapt their behavior and means of life; basically creating a accomplished new ability for the Chinese. By means of ache as able-bodied as basically apprenticeship the bodies into cerebration whatever he said was true, Chairman Mao distinct handedly shaped China’s ability by removing all anti-communist beliefs. During the aboriginal allotment of this book, little things that Ji Li Jiang assemblage and says hints that Chairman Mao was banishment change assimilate the bodies of China. For example, in affiliate 2, Ji Li helps abort a assurance for the Abundant Prosperity Market, adage that names like this are four olds. Abounding alternative words and phrases such as “fortune” and “innocent” were additionally advised four olds, and were not to be used. But this was aloof the aboriginal footfall of Chairman Mao’s plan. He additionally assertive his workers, alleged “the red guards”, to about abase bodies for assorted anti-Communist acts. These accessible humiliations got added and added agitated as time went on; in the alpha of the Cultural Revolution, bodies were mainly ashamed for their clothing. On folio 30, a man’s accouterment is cut afar while he is continuing in the average of a artery because the bound pants and acicular shoes he wore were advised four olds; “…tight pants and acicular shoes are what the Western ancestry admire. For us proletarians, they are neither acceptable attractive nor comfortable” said the Red Guard preforming this act. But as the adventure progresses, bodies are affected to abrasion dunce caps and signs with abhorrent letters accounting about them about their neck. They were again paraded about while bodies yelled angrily beggarly things at them, sometimes alike throwing things. Abounding bodies were advised this way because of their, or addition in their family’s occupation; if you or anyone in your ancestors was a landlord, you would absolutely be advised this way. Landlords were believed to be “black welps”, acceptation that they were angry people, because they would booty acreage from the poor if they did not pay their taxes, and additionally generally were affluent abundant to allow housekeepers. Abounding agents were additionally advised agonizingly if the Red Guards had any acumen to accept that they were teaching their acceptance anti-communist ideas. The bodies of China did not anticipate alert about this behavior, however, because Chairman Mao had assertive them that bodies like this should be advised harshly. To us Chairman Mao was god. He controlled aggregate we read, aggregate we heard, and aggregate we abstruse in school. We believed aggregate he said. Naturally, we knew alone acceptable things about Chairman Mao and The Cultural Revolution. Anything bad had to be the accountability of others. Mao was blameless. ” (p. 276) Certain bodies were advised alike added severely. Attempt affairs (gatherings aural the abode area bodies were about humiliated) were actual accepted and generally acclimated concrete abandon to actual people. During one attempt meeting, a woman is baffled and affected to ascend the chase of a branch as a punishment, for she was believed to be a abecedary blame anti-communist behavior on her students. Ji Li Jiang’s ancestor is affected to partake in these circadian because he was believed to be conspiring adjoin the antipathetic party. Alike if The Red Guards did not accept abundant affirmation to ache these people, they had abounding permission to anyhow beneath the ability of Chairman Mao. “When I started to address this book, I asked An Yi’s mother if she had hated Mao back she was affected to ascend the branch chimney. I didn’t abhorrence him’ she told me. ‘I believed that the Cultural Revolution was all-important to anticipate agnosticism and commercialism from demography over China. I knew that I was wronged, but mistakes appear beneath any system. If the country was bigger for the movement that afflicted me, I was still in favor of it. It was alone afterwards Mao’s afterlife that I knew I was deceived. ” For Ji Li Jiang, it was not until her ancestor was bent that she accomplished that the Cultural Revolution may not accept been abundant as it sounded. Before then, Ji Li Jiang actively alternate in these events. So did all of her ancestors and classmates. They all believed accomplished heartedly that Chairman Mao was accomplishing this for the acceptable of the people. Before the Cultural Revolution, bodies had big ceremonies for their ancestors, and for the Chinese New Year. They believed in abounding superstitions, such as not across-the-board the attic on New Year’s Day as to not ambit out the god of wealth, and bistro bounce rolls to “roll in the money”. Bodies were not ridiculed because they were wealthy; abundance was admired and bodies strived for it. Bodies calm stamps and alternative admired things and admired them with all their hearts. They kept photographs of themselves and their ancestors members. They wore adorned clothes on appropriate occasions, and the aged kept elaborately busy trunks absolute all their families heirlooms and anesthetized them bottomward from bearing to generation. Bodies were accustomed to appoint housekeepers to advice them about the abode and with demography affliction of their children. But during the Cultural Revolution, none of these things were allowed. They were all advised four olds, and people’s houses were searched and pillaged to accomplish abiding that none of these things were activity on. Years afterwards the Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao was accurate accusable of unleashing this anarchy assimilate the bodies of China absolutely to assure his own political position. “It was alone afterwards Mao’s afterlife in 1976 that bodies woke up. We assuredly abstruse that the accomplished Cultural Revolution had been allotment of a ability attempt at the accomplished levels of the Party. Our baton had taken advantage of our assurance and adherence to dispense the accomplished country. This is the best alarming assignment of the Cultural Revolution: after a complete acknowledged system, a baby accumulation or alike a distinct being can booty ascendancy of an absolute country. This is as accurate now as it was then. ”

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