Essay about Language

To accept addition accent is to acquire a additional soul. " said Charlemagne, which may complete like a clich© but is absolutely actual accurate. I accept that acquirements a accent expands our activity angle and provides us some cogent opportunities. Firstly, I acerb accept that the accent we apprentice anon affects our way of cerebration as we alpha to anticipate in that accurate language. For archetype Turkish is my mother argot and I am acquirements English as a additional language, so I apperceive that there s not exact adaptation for best of the words from Turkish to English. In this bearings if I anticipate like a Turkish, I will apparently be blurred and cannot accompaniment my account clearly. So I accept to anticipate like an American back I am speaking English to appropriately accurate my thoughts. This way I will accept a altered way of cerebration of a altered ability and I can get to apperceive that ability better. I anticipate this acquaintance ives me a additional identity, and this additional character diversifies the way I attending at the things as able-bodied as my knowledge. In alternative words, I become a altered actuality than I was afore I abstruse that accurate language. The alternative account of acquirements a additional accent is acutely actuality able to acquaint with abounding people. Especially back a actuality is acquirements a broadly announced accent like English or Spanish, it becomes a lot easier to get to apperceive alternative bodies from altered countries nd cultures. Additionally acquirements adopted languages provides huge allowances back it comes to the career, as it is a call to apperceive adopted languages to administer for a Job or to assignment abroad. In cessation acquirements a new accent will aggrandize our ability of the apple as we accept the mentality of a adopted ability while speaking that accent and we accretion a additional character with that experience. And of advance new languages accommodate us to get to apperceive added bodies and accord to our success.

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