Instructions Pioneer Aircraft Co. sells private, single-engine planes. Most sales are for    customers  engaged in clandestine and leisure flying. In a 50-week period, sales in    the accomplished  five years accept averaged to the following:  PLANES SOLD                                      WEEKS THIS NUMBER SOLD                  0                                            40            1                                            8           2                                              1            3                                              1           In a three-page   essay, actuate the items below:     Determine the   probability of anniversary cardinal of planes sold—of 0, 1, 2,            3—in a 50-week period.   (Pioneer sales appointment is bankrupt the alternative two        weeks     of the   year.)   Decide what access   is best acclimated to actuate probability.            Distinguish amid the approaches to   make it bright that the access acclimated            was the best fit for these aeroplane   sales.  Determine if the   approach would change if we additionally bare to clue sales            of some planes with GPS   installed.  Be abiding to accommodate analysis to abutment your ideas. Use APA style, and adduce    and advertence your sources to abstain plagiarism.

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