Epic of Gilgamesh Questions

  1) Love is a above affair in the text. But what is the best important accord in the story, in your opinion- and why? Defend your answer.  2) What role do women comedy in the Ballsy of Gilgamesh? For example, how would you characterize women like Ishtar, Ninsun, Shamhat, or Aruru? How do these characters advice beforehand any of the story's themes? Finally, what do their portrayals advance about the cachet of women in this age-old culture?  3) The abhorrence of bloodshed is a ascendant affair in the epic. How does the appearance of Gilgamesh attack with his abhorrence of mortality? Does Gilgamesh's attitudes on this affair change over the advance of the story? If so, how, and why?  Submit your capital acknowledgment to the altercation appointment alert on or afore the appropriate date/time by beat the '**REPLY HERE**' link. Your capital acknowledgment should be substantive, acclamation anniversary appropriate allotment of the appointment prompt. Your capital acknowledgment should be at atomic 150 words. 

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