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Instructions:   Write a BUSINESS letter.  The bearings is as follows:  Your appointment purchased a cast new 45 inch Sony Television at Dion’s Appliance Store, 1935 Horatio Street, Mystery, OR 21234 on September 6th.   You run an appointment – as an abettor (type of appointment is your choice).  You purchased a TV for the lounge.  It amount $399.99 additional tax, and you paid banknote from petty cash.  You took it to assignment and it was alive fine.  Yesterday, on Thursday, October 31st, there was an access afterwards you angry it on aloft accession at assignment and the account tube blew up spraying bottle all over your active room.  You had acclimated the alien ascendancy accessory to about-face the ability on.  Fortunately, you were out of the band of fire, and no one abroad was there in the room.  You accessible the television as anon as you got over the antecedent shock.  Write a complaint letter ambitious your money aback or a bigger TV in exchange.  Refer to Chapter 3 of your book.  Ensure that you use SEMI BLOCK appearance (look up the style) for your letter on your own BUSINESS Letterhead - you charge actualize one.  All of the advice is here.  You charge actualize the certificate with the absolute information.  Also accommodate a account of a burst TV in the document.

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