ENGR1010 – An Introduction to Engineering

Homework Assignment Due 9/19/13

Homework Assignment: History of Engineering

The Problem

Engineers make the world a better place for us to live in. You can see what engineering has achieved and how much it has advanced when you look at your surroundings. Engineers and engineering have been with us since the early ages. However we are more aware of recent engineering products as we can easily relate to them (computers, internet, cell phones). Engineering achievements and advancements did not happen over night. It was perfected over time and through a history of gradual improvements.


Objective 1: Carry out an internet search on the history of engineering to identify interesting engineering designs and solutions. Pick something of interest to you that was created before 1970. Try not to choose anything that you know someone else is doing. Also don’t choose an engineering topic we have discussed in class.

Objective 2: Write a short paper (no more than one page) on you engineering topic. Describe the achievement, what types of engineers accomplished it, how they did it, what the significance was, and anything else about the accomplishment that you find noteworthy.

Step by step:

· Review literature using the Internet.

· Write a short paper (no more than one page)

· Properly quote/cite all references. (reference list on 2nd page)

· Submit by class 9/19/13 (Use Turnitin link on Blackboard HW page)

· When submitting the assignment please use the format specified in the next page. (use this format for all your assignment submissions)

· We will have a discussion in a future class about the engineering achievements each person chose.


Sources: Internet and other resources relating to the subject, cite all sources and have at least 3 Be sure to clearly mark quotations and use AMSE guidelines http://journaltool.asme.org/Help/AuthorHelp/WebHelp/Guidelines/Writing_a_Technical_Paper.htm

Grading Rubric:

(2pts) Correct Heading and format of document

(2pts) Selection of appropriate engineering topic

(2pts) Description of topic (objective 2)

(2pts) Reference List with at least 3 sources, properly formatted

(2pts) Proper use of citations or quotes in documents

Format of submitted paper:




Example for this Assignment:

This is my paper. Yours should be at most one full page, but not as long as the paper by Ning and Lovell [1]. For more than three authors you would use the Latin abbreviation “et al.” meaning “and others” like in the case of Lee et al. [2]. For large documents with many references, you should make use of your word processer’s ability to link and update a reference list. You will need format the end notes to be numerical and will have to manually add the brackets and resize the reference number from superscript. Microsoft Word will usually add a line to separate the reference list from your document but it can be removed [3]. There are many different methods for citing work and listing references. We are using the method accepted for publications in journals sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) [4]. If you need more help with understanding the proper format for references, additional help is available to better understand ASME format and differentiate it from other formats [5, 6]. You should have three or more references for this assignment.


[1] Ning, X., and Lovell, M. R., 2002, “On the Sliding Friction Characteristics of Unidirectional Continuous FRP Composites,” ASME J. Tribol., 124(1), pp. 5-13.

[2] Lee, Y., Korpela, S. A., and Horne, R. N., 1982, “Structure of Multi-Cellular Natural Convection in a Tall Vertical Annulus,” Proc. 7th International Heat Transfer Conference, U. Grigul et al., eds., Hemisphere, Washington, DC, 2, pp. 221–226.

[3] Barnhill, S., 2011, “Customizing Note Separators,” http://wordfaqs.mvps.org/NoteSeparators.htm

[4] ASME, 2012, “References,” http://www.asme.org/kb/proceedings/proceedings/references

[5] Godavari, S.N., 2012. “ASME Citation Style Guide,” University of Missouri Engineering Library and Technology Commons, http://mulibraries.missouri.edu/engineering/guides/asme.htm

[6] Lehigh University, 2012. “Footnote and Citation Style Guides,” Library and Technology Service, http://libraryguides.lehigh.edu/content.php?pid=74782&sid=553723

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