“employee status”

Instructions A cardinal of contempo cases accept argued for "employee status" of bookish athletes. For example, Northwestern University football players were initially acknowledged back the bounded appointment of the National Activity Relations Board begin they met the analogue of “employees” beneath activity law, although that accommodation was chaotic by the NLRB in Washington. Numerous alternative lawsuits accept attempted to accretion agent cachet for academy athletes. Go online to acquisition such a case (NOTE: You cannot use a case in the textbook). Briefly call the case, a) including the acknowledged rights the plaintiff(s) are seeking, b) the facts they await on to abutment their case and c) the specific law(s) they acclimated (if the case has been assuredly decided) or are application (if the case is still in the courts) to abutment their lawsuit. Be abiding to: 1) analyze the acknowledged antecedent of the issues; 2) use and ascertain the acknowledged terms/phrases that apply; 3) accommodate a minimum of two internet references; 4) appropriately adduce and advertence all sources application APA format.

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