Econ 214 (Problem set 3)

ECON 214

Problem Set 3

Complete all questions listed below. Clearly label your answers.

1. Will increases in government spending financed by borrowing help promote a strong recovery from a severe recession. Why or why not?

2. Does fiscal policy have a strong impact on aggregate demand? Did the shift of the federal budget from deficit to surplus during the 1990s weaken aggregate demand? Did the government spending increases and large budget deficits of 2008–2011 strengthen aggregate demand? Discuss.

3. What is the current rate of unemployment? (See

and state the month you are reporting.) How rapidly has GDP grown during the past 3 years? (See

and state the annual growth rate for each year.) What do these figures indicate about the validity of the Keynesian view?

4. Are changes in discretionary and fiscal policy likely to be instituted in a manner that will reduce the ups and downs of the business cycle? Why or why not?

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 4.

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