ECE discussion

Chapter 6 of your text discusses developmental checklists and how they can be used as a guide for curriculum planning. As Wortham (2012) notes, “developmental checklists with a sequence of objectives provide guidelines for selecting the materials to place in centers to support curriculum and instruction” (p. 158). For this discussion, you will use the “Developmental Checklists Birth to Five” for one of the two children you analyzed in your Week Two Written Assignment to develop a learning center (e.g., a literacy center that focuses on letter recognition) for an early childhood classroom or daycare center. Be sure to include the following in your lesson idea and to choose an idea that is different from the example listed above:The particular need that is being addressed in the center based on the checklist (e.g., the goal of the center) The age group this learning center is geared towards  The materials you will need for this learning center The activities that children will be engaged in Guided Response: Review several of your peers’ posts. Choose two peers to respond to considering the following: Imagine you are a supervisor observing children in the learning center. Respectfully provide feedback to your peer regarding the learning center. In your response, state your reasoning for why this center is or is not developmentally appropriate for the chosen age group as well as whether or not you feel the goal of the learning center is being properly addressed and why. Lastly, provide suggestions for materials or further lesson ideas that might help to address this need as well.

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