Due in 17 hours

please read the instructions attached:

Instructions assignment for E-commerce class:

conduct a comparison of the effective and ineffective elements of two sites. Pick one site from the text, “Homepage Usability – 50 Websites Deconstructed” (one not previously used in the course) and find a similar site on the Internet to compare. Then choose 15 elements to consider and identify which of the two sites has the superior elements. Explain what is superior about their choice and post the comparison to the Discussion Area. Read through your text, “Homepage Usability – 50 Websites Deconstructed” which will give an array of information for this assignment. Ideas for the 15 points you can discuss, (but are not limited to) are:

· General web design

· Navigation

· Graphics and multimedia

· Advertising

· Download time

· Search function

· Page width/length

·  Company information, logo, etc.  

This should be a fun assignment and can be completed on a site that you like or dislike.


Prepare a paper (750 -1,000 words) discussing each of the 15 elements in its own section. The assignment must be completed in Microsoft Word and all sources should be sourced in MLA format. The word count does not include the cover page or the bibliography.

For this assignment you need to select two sites for a comparison. The first one should be from the text book and then you need to find a similar site (competitor) online to do the paper on (please make sure to review word count above).

For your analysis be sure to choose 15 elements to consider and give feedback on both sites for each point. This should be a good amount of feedback on the points to show us your view point on the pros and cons for each site and each point.

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