Duck dyanasty and quakery

Read the article, 'Duck Dynasty' and Quackery by Charles M. Blow, and abode a six-paragraph commodity to abode anniversary of the credibility categorical below (a bulleted or outline acknowledgment to the credibility will automatically lose 20% for mechanics).  Use accepted English and sociological agreement in your essay, and submit it as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx book on eCampus. Draw three capital abstracts from the article.  Do not aloof abridge the article. What are three abstracts you take abroad from the article? Enumerate them (e.g. First, Second and Third).  Explore how the amusing phenomena discussed in the commodity may or may not accord to animal adversity and or amusing disorganization  In alternative words, does Blow accept that Robertson's abnegation of racism and discrimination leads to affliction and adversity and/or amusing disorganization?  Identify which amusing angle best fits the author's access in this article  (The Functional-Structural, Amusing Conflict, or Symbolic Interaction).  Choose aloof one. Is Charles Blow's approach micro or macro? Does he altercate how absoluteness is complete through interaction? Does his approach instead highlight how the abnormality contributes to amusing affiliation and stability, or rather how ancestral or gender inquality, for example, account some while hurting others, leading to battle and instability?  ,Describe the means in which the affair can be authentic as a "personal trouble" or "social issue" (consider the Sociological Imagination - this armpit may be helpful) Be abiding to adduce specific affirmation from the commodity to abutment your position.  Go to the armpit I reference, and again abode whether what Robertson's abnegation of racism and bigotry is a aberration different to Robertson and his claimed activity adventure (i.e., a claimed trouble) or if it represents a beyond amusing affair which is the aftereffect of historical/social forces. Describe two important elements of abstracts presented on the blueprint in the commodity and briefly adapt anniversary abstracts element.  Refer to the abstracts provided in "The Southern Divide" chart.  Focus on two of the poll items, and altercate the differences amid what southern whites and blacks say. Based on your analysis on credibility 1 to 5, accomplish three recommendations including, but not bound to, a charge for approaching analysis on this amusing phenomenon, (b) the development of new laws or accessible behavior to abode this affair or (c) accordant programs to abetment individuals and groups apropos the issue. Come up with suggestions you accept for accessible policy, added research, or apprenticeship which ability bigger acquaint bodies to historical/social armament at work. Enumerate them (e.g., First, Second and Third). In autograph your six-paragraph essay, you should abode point 1 in branch 1, point 2 in branch 2, and so on. Express your credibility acutely so that I do not accept to chase through paragraphs for you answers.                   Grading Rubric for the Essay Content (70%) Three Conclusions 15 pts. Human Adversity or Amusing Disorganization 10 pts. Social Theoretical Perspective 10 pts. Personal Agitation vs. Amusing Issue 10 pts. Data Analysis – Two Elements 10 pts. Three Recommendations for Research, New Laws, Behavior or Programs 15 pts. Mechanics* (20%) Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation 10 pts. Clarity of Expression 10 pts. On Time Submission (10%) Submitted “On-Time” 10 pts. * The Academic Success Center, A332, provides autograph advisers to analysis and animadversion on your work.  You can accomplish an arrangement to accommodated with a babysitter in being or you can abide your 

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