Documented Essay on two cases of overobedience to military authority in wartime

 Essay 1 is a documented essay. Use one of the online sources on My Lai or Abu Ghraib, listed in this lesson’s work, in addition to at least one of the essays on the Milgram and Zimbardo experiments in our textbook. Use your handbook (MLA section) when preparing citations and a Works Cited page. Topic: Two cases of overobedience to military authority in wartime that shocked America were the My Lai massacre in Vietnam in 1969 and the scandal that broke in 2004 regarding abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison. Choose one of the cases – My Lai or Abu Ghraib – and show how it connects to the experiments conducted by Milgram and/or Zimbardo? What did the psychologists (Milgram and Zimbardo) conclude from their experiments that apply to the My Lai or Abu Ghraib incident? Your essay should be 1000 words besides the Works Cited page. Please do not use more than one block quote. Use at least two direct quotations and three paraphrases. Remember to have a strong thesis and a compelling intro and conclusion, in addition to the information you present in your body paragraphs.

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