Disruptive technology

Forum needs to be at least 100 words completed. Attachment explains what needs to be done.

Kudos on Forum 2, I am very impressed by your comments and contribution to the topic of IS/IT project failures.  This week we are reading chapter 3 in the text, and one of the main topics is disruptive technologies.  This is one of my favorites IS sub-topics.  In his 1997 best-selling book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” Christensen separates new technology into two categories: sustaining and disruptive. Sustaining technology relies on incremental improvements to an already established technology. Disruptive technology lacks refinement, often has performance problems because it is new, appeals to a limited audience, and may not yet have a proven practical application. (Such was the case with Alexander Graham Bell’s “electrical speech machine,” which we now call the telephone.) Please read chapter 3 before you post your response…OK, here we go:
1. Name one disruptive technology. For this forum, my use of the word “technology” may be interpreted to mean any number of things, not necessarily just computer-based technology.  Think outside of the box if necessary.
2. Describe why you think your “technology” was/is disruptive.  Talk about the technology or process that was displaced by your disruptive technology.  What were/are the social, economic, ethical/moral implications of this disruption?  Back up your argument with facts, and always list sources.  MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOUR ANSWERS CONFORM TO THE TEXT’S DEFINITION OF A DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY
3. Comment on at least one other students’ post.  Don’t be afraid of constructively arguing against someones’ disruptive technology choice or reasoning.  On the other hand, if you agree with their position, let them know.  In either case, keep it clean and respectful at all times:)
4. If you use a source (textbook or web or paper, etc.), cite it (APA only).  If you have not viewed the audio powerpoint on citation guidelines, including the use of in-text citations, please do so BEFORE contributing to the forum.  This goes for future assignments and the paper as well…you will be held accountable for proper citation.  If you need further clarification, ask.

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