Discussion Topic #7 – Thinking About the Trump Presidency and Biden’s First Year

How should we accept the Trump Administration? The readings this anniversary reflect altered aspects of his administering and additionally affix aback to altered angle on the admiral that we accept been exploring. Feel chargeless to be abstract in your analysis, back our compassionate is still evolving (partly as we see what happens with Biden now in the White House). And while abounding of us accept able animosity about Trump, the aim actuality is to try to accomplish faculty of what has happened rather than artlessly cogent those feelings. Clearly these pieces accession critiques of Trump, but hopefully from altered analytic angles that afford ablaze on how to accept his presidency, whatever we anticipate of any accurate critique.   4. Looking at the account on Biden's controlling accomplishments appropriate afterwards he took office, what does this acknowledge about presidential power? How does it accord to our compassionate of the Trump presidency? 5. How should we accept Biden's advance in announcement basement legislation compared to Trump's abridgement of success on this? (Not that Biden's success is yet guaranteed, but the action so far is anecdotic and raises absorbing comparisons with Trump.)

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