Discussion Thread Question: Interpreting Criminal Justice Statistical Output

Law enforcement can not be everywhere all the time. It is important that citizens are also “on the look-out” so to say. Just as police are working on becoming more involved with the community, the community should also look to be more involved with law enforcement.

Discussion Thread Question:

Do you believe that advising and training citizens on anti-terrorism information and anti-crime data could benefit law enforcement and the community?

The events of September 11th, 2001, add to the potential threat of powerful technologies and increase the importance of police participation in future technological developments and anti-terrorism. Weapons of Mass Destruction events, and bio-terrorism scenarios carried out by terrorists or criminals can often be prevented with local police intervention.

 Discussion Thread Question:

What are some important aspects of being sure that local law enforcement are prepared to deal with these possible terrorist attacks in the future?  What are your thoughts?


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