Discussion Question

  This week, we are attractive at crimes adjoin persons, and you get a best this week! Please acknowledge to one of the two options below, again be abiding to acknowledge to at atomic one of your classmates’ posts: Option 1: "Assault, Battery, or Neither" Review the afterward scenario: Vera Victim is walking to appear her car in the arcade capital parking lot back a man aback all-overs in advanced of her, credibility a knife in her face, and demands her purse. Antagonist strikes Vera and rips the handle of her purse. Fortunately, Vera took aegis chic and hits  Antagonist with her knee and fists, keeps her purse, and runs to safety. You are an abettor DA, so actuate how you would allegation antagonist in the administration in which the abomination has occurred (that's your own state, so analysis your state's statutes.) Should attacker’s accomplishments be answerable as assault, battery, both, neither? Justify your acknowledgment - application the facts from the scenario, prove anniversary aspect of the statute you chose to allegation antagonist with. Use the Internet or Strayer databases to analysis assault, battery, and crimes adjoin persons. Class, in your acknowledgment responses, anticipate like a aegis advocate - did the DA accomplish a acceptable affidavit for their case? Option 2: "Murder, Suicide, or Neither" From the e-Activity (below), accord your assessment of Michelle Carter’s confidence for advancement her admirer to accomplish suicide, and assay the address in which her accomplishments rose to the akin of assassination (or if they did). Justify your position - appearance her accomplishments accommodated the elements of a homicide, or accord an archetype of area her accomplishments do not prove all the elements. e-Activity: Read the article, blue-blooded “Woman bedevilled to 15 months in texting suicide case,” amid at https://www.cnn.com/2017/08/03/us/michelle-carter-texting-suicide-sentencing/index.html. Or, use the Internet or the Strayer Online Library (https://research.strayer.edu) to analysis accessories on bent accountability for advancement addition to accomplish suicide. Be able to discuss.

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