Discussion Question 1 week 3

  Employment Practices"  Please acknowledge to the following: Using the aboriginal e-Activity, accommodate an archetype of two (2) of the afterward techniques or methods that you or addition that you apperceive has endured or witnessed: arbitrary recruitment, appliance application, and account process. Investigate the admeasurement to which the called address or adjustment larboard allowance for banned appliance practices. Next, acclaim key antidotal accomplishments that an alignment could booty in adjustment to abate banned appliance practices. Using the additional e-Activity, baddest two (2) appliance opportunities with which you are currently familiar, and allocate two (2) types of accomplishments checks that would be acceptable. Justify your response.   eActivities Go to the United States Equal Appliance Opportunity Commission, and analysis the area titled, “Prohibited Appliance Policies / Practices”, amid at http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/practices/. Be able to discuss. Go to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse website, and apprehend the commodity blue-blooded “Facts Sheet 16: Appliance Accomplishments Checks: A Job Seeker’s Guide”, amid at https://www.privacyrights.org/employment-background-checks-jobseekers-guide. Next, analysis the certificate blue-blooded “State Laws and Their Impact on Use of Criminal Records for Employment”, amid in the online advance shell. Be able to discuss.

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