Discussion Query

Posta 150-word response to one of the following

  • Entering a PIN number for an ATM is an example of a permutation. The order that we enter the number matters. How is that different from a combination? Give an example of a permutation and a combination from life, and explain why each example is a permutation or combination.
  • Rolling a pair of dice is an example of an independent event. Whatever number is rolled on the first dice does not change the outcome of the number rolled by the second dice. Give another example of an independent and explain why it is an independent event. What is a dependent event? Give an example and explain why the example is a dependent event.
  • Sitting on a bus stop bench and sitting on a bus are examples of non-overlapping (mutually exclusive) events. Why are they mutually exclusive? Give at least two other examples of mutually exclusive events and explain why they are mutually exclusive.
  • What is the fundamental counting principle? How can it be used to determine the total number of possible outcomes for a particular situation? Give an example.
  • What is the law of large numbers? Give an example.
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