Discussion Post Required With 2 Responses – Urgent A+ Work Required. 10 Hours

  Title: Dialects and Education Thread: One of the absorbing aspects of accent is that it morphs as it campaign through time, space, and association developing altered dialects and possibly altered languages. These transformations are readily identifiable to society, and association pre-judges bodies based on the accent that they speak. Select one of the afterward questions about dialects and accommodate an in abyss multi-paragraph response. Finally, responded to at atomic two of your peers’ comments. Question 1. As a accent educator/writer, what is your albatross to advise or use accepted English? Should you advise accepted American English, or some alternative dialect? Question 2. How do perceptions of accent appulse your teaching/writing? How does your students’ dialects appulse your appearance of them? How does your accent appulse there are a few of you? Question 3. Should educators force their acceptance to attach to accepted American English? Replies: Respond to at atomic two of your peers’ comments with a affluent and accordant response.   I will column the Responses to be done afterwards I accept uploaded the capital POST. however, I will accomplish the acquittal for Both Upfront. I will charge the Acknowledgment to be beatific as anon as I column the 2 RESPONSE POSTS. Main Posts are accepted to be at atomic 550 words of Content and Responses at atomic 200-250 Words anniversary with at atomic 2 paragraphs for anniversary Response

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