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Run the t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Unequal Variances for the Abstracts File Golf (Chapter 10) application the video How to Add Excel's Abstracts Analysis ToolPak (Links to an alien site.) for assistance. In a authoritative report, use the methods of antecedent testing to Formulate and present the account for a antecedent analysis that Par could use to analyze the active distances of the accepted and new golf balls. Analyze the abstracts to accommodate the antecedent testing conclusion. What is the p-value for your test? What is your advocacy for Par, Inc.? Accommodate anecdotic statistical summaries of the abstracts for anniversary model. Explain what the 95% aplomb breach is for the citizenry beggarly active ambit of anniversary model, and explain what the 95% aplomb breach is for the aberration amid the agency of the two populations. Discuss whether you see a charge for beyond sample sizes and added testing with the golf balls. Step 3: Discuss Based on your antecedent testing conclusion, what are your recommendations for Par, Inc? Support your recommendations with allegation from your authoritative report.

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