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  In the video on assets account analysis, they discussed trends.   Please aces an industry and acquisition out a trend aural that industry and  discuss what the trend is and what assay was acclimated to atom the trend.   Please be abiding to accommodate links to your research. Post by classmate   An industry with an Operating Allowance (OM) trend is the U.S.  retirement and alimony affairs industry. Operating allowance is an analytic  method of barometer the bulk of accumulation a aggregation makes on anniversary dollar  of sales afterwards advantageous for the costs of production. Some examples of  those costs are accomplishment and raw materials. Those costs are adjourned above-mentioned  to advantageous absorption or tax. This assay blueprint is a company’s  operating assets disconnected by its net sales/revenue. For these purposes,  higher ratios are usually adopted because that reflects that the  company is able in its operations and is acceptable at converting sales  into profits. Adam Hayes from Investopedia summarizes this with, “A  company’s operating margin, sometimes referred to as acknowledgment on sales  (ROS), is a acceptable indicator of how able-bodied it is actuality managed and how  efficient it is at breeding profits from sales.” (Hayes, 2021, p. 1)  Analysis that led to spotting this trend was the analysis of able  investment assets and abiding advance in contributions in this industry  over the aftermost bristles years. In 2017, acquirement advance was predominantly  strong and added to 115.6% due to cogent disinterestedness gains. It is  likely accordant to booty agenda of what afflicted in 2016 to absolutely  affect those increases.  Those assets were maintained through 2020. This  increase in contributions led to the ascertainment that the allowance amid  operating assets and acquirement has increased. This uptick is accepted to  maintain through 2021 at a amount of 19.1%, but that seems like a actual  unreliable prediction. A lot has afflicted in 2021 which affects civic  and all-embracing economics. (IBIS, 2021) References Hayes, A. (2021). Operating Margin. Investopedia. Retrieved from https://www.investopedia.com/terms/o/operatingmargin.asp (Links to an alien site.) IBIS, W. (2021). Industries with the Highest Accumulation Allowance in the US in 2021. IBIS World. Retrieved from https://www.ibisworld.com/united-states/industry-trends/?ctid=1<id=12&ksid=1&ismm=0

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