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Context Risk and ambiguity are generally acclimated interchangeably in everyday discussions, but they are different, in business, two altered concepts.  Risk describes a bearings in which we do not apperceive the outcome, but we do apperceive all the accessible outcomes and can accredit probabilities to anniversary of these outcomes happening.  Risked can be managed.  Knowing the abeyant costs of errors, allows managers to barrier and/and or assure adjoin cher outcomes.  For example, anytime aback you quarterback had acquire surgery, he alone connects with the receiver one out of every four passes.  You apperceive that your article can account 80% of the time aback your aggregation is aural 25 yards of the goal.  You can accomplish the calculation.  Every time you are aural 25 years of the goal, an attempted canyon will get .25*6 credibility or the point adjustment is 1.5 points. Versus the point adjustment for a bang is .80*3  or the point adjustment is 2.4 points. You can accomplish a plan for the game. Uncertainty is the bearings in which we do not apperceive all the accessible outcomes and, therefore, can't analytic accredit anticipation to outcomes.  Ambiguity is the alien factor(s) in accommodation authoritative for managers.  Per the Warfighting Manual of the U.S, Marines, Because we can never annihilate uncertainty, we charge apprentice to action (manage) finer admitting it.  We do this by deploying simple, adjustable plans; planning for acceptable contingencies; developing continuing operating procedures; and adopting initiatives amid subordinates." (See advertence in the Welcome on this week's page.) Two absolutely new teams acquire aloof abutting the league.  They will comedy anniversary other.  Someone will win, but who? (Beware of apocryphal probability, anniversary aggregation does not necessarily acquire an alike adventitious of a win) Assignment Government abutment for the development of Covid-19 vaccines took two altered forms.  Some firms accustomed grants (a.k.a, absolute budgetary support) for vaccine development and testing.  As a action of the grant, the government has options to acquirement a aboriginal and specific cardinal of vaccine doses.  Alternative firms chose not to acquire grants.  Instead they adjourned advanced-purchase agreement to support pre-approval accomplishment of vaccines.  The acquirement acceding stipulates that acquittal will be fabricated aloft commitment of the pre-specified cardinal of doses. You are advising the CEO at the point in time aback he/she charge accomplish to accommodation to undertake the analysis and development of a covid-19 vaccine.  You apperceive the CEOs job is to accede what is best for shareholders.  The basal band is all about profitability. 1.  Is the acknowledged development and commitment of a vaccine for Covid-19 virus chancy or an uncertainty? 2.  In the case of absolute abutment agreements, who bears the amount of failure? 3.  In the case of avant-garde acquirement agreements, who bears the amount of a failure? 4.  Pfizer was the aboriginal close to acquire its vaccine accustomed for use in the U.S.  It did not acquire a admission to abutment development and testing, but the Pfizer did accommodate an advance-purchase acceding for $1.95 billion to abutment the accomplishment of 100 actor doses.  Looking back, what hidden information is appear by Pfizer's deal?

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